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Historic Hotels Arizona


New Windsor Hotel
Phoenix, AZ
Photo courtesy Gorb70

Check out the New Windsor Hotel in Phoenix, AZ. This old hotel still features its blade marquee that lights up the neighborhood. 03-06



Westward Ho Hotel
Phoenix, AZ
Photo courtesy Gorb70

Not quite related to the Westward Ho that was shut down recently in Las Vegas, the former Westward Ho Hotel in Phoenix, AZ still stands tall.

The Westward Ho Hotel opened in downtown Phoenix in 1928 as a 16 story hotel. After about 50 years, the Westward Ho saw a downturn in business and it eventually closed in 1979. The hotel was later converted into housing for the elderly and is currently undergoing renovation. 03-06




Hotel San Carlos
Phoenix, AZ
Photo and info courtesy Gorb70

Here's a shot of the Hotel San Carlos in Phoenix, AZ.

According to the Hotel San Carlos website, the hotel was built in 1927 on the site of an old schoolhouse. When the hotel construction was completed, "the San Carlos was touted as one of the most modern hotels in the Southwest being the first high-rise, fully air-conditioned, luxuriously appointed and elevatored hotel of that day." 03-06


Hotel San Carlos marquee
Phoenix, AZ
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com



Grand Canyon Hotel
Williams, AZ
Photo courtesy Paul Bauke

Route 66The Grand Canyon Hotel in Williams is newly renovated and still serves tourists headed to Grand Canyon. The cocktail glass has survived, but is now a Chinese restaurant. 08-06



Hotel Beale
Kingman, AZ
Photo and info courtesy Paul Bauke

Route 66The Hotel Beale sign sits high atop the hotel alerting travelers passing through Kingman on Route 66. Note they boast being "air cooled". 08-06




Hotel San Carlos
Yuma, AZ
Photo and info courtesy Bill Herzog


Here's the famous Hotel San Carlos in old town Yuma. The coffee shop is gone but the hotel is still in operation. A local told me they had a suite on the top floor where John Wayne would often stay. 12-06

(Far right) The blade neon sign for the Hotel San Carlos

(Near right) A look at the front of the hotel and the sign for the coffee shop










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