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Other Roadside Signage Central California


Belli Hardware
Firebaugh, CA
Photo courtesy Devil Doll

The old dutch boy face has long faded from the Belli Hardware sign, located in the Fresno County town of Firebaugh. 03-06



Los Banos, CA
Photo courtesy Devil Doll

Los Banos is home to this sign for The Bakery. 03-06





Polly Ann Bakery
Turlock, CA
Photo courtesy Dave & Debra van Hulsteyn

Check out this shot of the Polly Ann Bakery sign in Turlock, CA. From the looks of things, the business may have changed name to the Sunrise Bakery and Deli. The rolling pin and the lettering for the Polly Ann Bakery marquee are is a good example of signage that used to make each roadside town unique. 03-06



Rebecchi's Department Store
Firebaugh, CA
Photo courtesy Devil Doll

Here's an old roadside sign for Rebecchi's Department Store. 09-06



Guthrie's Alley Bakersfield CAGuthrie's Alley Cat
Bakersfield, CA
Photo courtesy John King

Check out this blade sign for Guthrie's Alley Cat lounge in downtown Bakersfield. From the looks of the colors on the marquee, the place could have been mistaken for an old Kodak store. 07-10



Ned's Oil Bakersfield CANed's Oil & Stuff
Bakersfield, CA
Photo courtesy John King

With a name like Ned's Oil & Stuff, who can resist following this huge arrow sign to find out where it leads to. Another roadside sign can still be found off the highway in the Central California city of Bakersfield. 07-10



Photo courtesy Rod Holcomb

This faded out and broken down sign is for a market somewhere off the Central California roadside. 11-10













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