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Neon Eateries San Diego


Aero Club
San Diego, CA
Photo courtesy M.C. Morrissey

If you've headed out on the Interstate 5 north after flying in to the airport, you will remember this one. The Aero Club on India St., was most likely an after-work hangout for aerospace plant workers sometime in the 40's, 50's, or 60's. But alas, like the diminishing flame on the jet, the plants soon became empty.



The Tower Bar
San Diego, CA
Photo courtesy Ken Lux

Located in east San Diego is the Tower Bar.

Check out the neon lettering above the doorway on this San Diego roadside tavern establishment.




The Flame
San Diego, CA
Photo courtesy M.C. Morrissey Photo courtesy M.C. Morrissey

1st it's the "mystery" liquor store and now The Flame? What's next? Something related to turf?


UPDATE 07/04 : The Flame is a bar and will soon be making room for condos. Many thanks to Ken Lux for update. 07-04



Pacific Shores
Ocean Beach, CA
Photo courtesy M.C. Morrissey

It's Pacific Shores, home to one of the best martini glass displays this side of the I15. A great stopping point in Ocean Beach.



El Cajon Grand
El Cajon, CA
Photo courtesy M.C. Morrissey

Traveling along Main St. in El Cajon will take you by the El Cajon Grand Tavern. A good place for drinks? Check with the locals first.



Peking Cafe
San Diego, CA
Photo courtesy M.C. Morrissey

Possibly worth a stop for some Chinese food is the Pekin' Cafe on University Ave. in San Diego. Definitely worth a stop for a photo of the neon sign though.











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