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Roadside Taverns San Diego


The Lancers
San Diego, CA
Photo courtesy M.C. Morrissey

On Park Boulevard in San Diego is The Lancers. Interesting medieval marquee adorns the doorway.



Pacific Shores
Ocean Beach, CA
Photo courtesy M.C. Morrissey

It's Pacific Shores, home to one of the best martini glass displays this side of the I15. A great stopping point in Ocean Beach.



The Tower Bar
San Diego, CA
Photo courtesy Ken Lux

Located in east San Diego is the Tower Bar.

Check out the neon lettering above the doorway on this San Diego roadside tavern establishment.



Club Marina
San Diego, CA
Photo courtesy M.C. Morrissey

Club Marina is home to "semi-live" entertainment. Must be seen to be believed. At least the place offers free pool.



Little Club
Coronado, CA
Photo courtesy Ken Lux

This little sign outside of the Little Club in Coronado, CA advertises the way to the ... well... little club.








Embassy Room
Oceanside, CA
Photo courtesy Jimmy Bowman

The Embassy Room in Oceanside, CA is an old roadside tavern.

(Far left) The marquee for the Embassy Room

(Near left) The roadside tavern building. This Embassy fits in along other backlit plastic signs that adorn this street.







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