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Sit Down Restaurants Southern California


Philippe French Dipped Sandwiches
Los Angeles, CA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Philippe's French Dip is a famous Los Angeles eatery landmark. First opened in 1908 by Philippe Mathieu, the restaurant started up as a delicatessen and sandwich shop. Word has it that In 1918, Philippe accidentally dropped the sliced french roll into a roasting pan, dipping it in its drippings. The customer enjoyed the sandwich and a new sandwich was born. More info can be found at the Philippe's site. 12-08



Gus's Bar-B-Q
Pasadena, CA
Photos courtesy Scott Strickland


Route 66 is home to great number of landmark eateries that have been serving hungry travelers for decades. One such eatery is a place on Fair Oaks Avenue in South Pasadena called Gus's Bar-B-Q.

This Bar-B-Q joint is known for its good food and delightful meals since 1946. The restaurant also features a neon eye-catching sign and front facade, complete with a neon pig. 10-09



Dino's Lodge
Hollywood, CA
Photo courtesy Charlie Aron

A prominent Hollywood hangout in 50's and 60's was Dino's Lodge. Featuring a somewhat eerie facial likeness of Dean Martin, Dino's Lodge came into being in the summer of 1958 when the former Rat Pack member bought a restaurant named the Alpine Lodge and renamed it. The sign became even more prominent when the TV series 77 Sunset Strip showed it in its opening credits. 08-13












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