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Roadside Cafes Texas


Los Apaches Cafe (Demolished)
San Antonio, TX
Photo courtesy Bob Jagendorf

Check out the Apaches Cafe and its matching marquee. This cafe is located in an old historical roadside area of San Antonio, TX.


UPDATE 03/09 : The Los Apaches Cafe in San Antonio has been demolished. 03-09



Jesse's Cafe
Vega, TX
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Route 66West of Amarillo and off of Route 66 the Texas town of Vega. Follow the arrow on this marquee and check out Jesse's Cafe. 08-06



Bent Door Cafe
Adrian, TX
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Route 66Adrian, Texas is famous for being the Route 66 town that is the midpoint of the 2,278 miles between Santa Monica, CA and Chicago, IL. Adrian is also home to the Bent Door Cafe. 08-06



Rock Inn Cafe
Seymour, TX
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Seymour, TX is home to this old town cafe called the Rock Inn Cafe. 03-07






U Drop Inn Cafe
Shamrock, TX
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Route 66Here's a shot of the restored U Drop Inn Cafe in Shamrock, TX. This art deco treasure, built in 1936, was restored as part of the neon restoration program along Route 66.

The U-Drop Inn was built in the 1930's and is joined with the Tower Gas. The place now house the local Chamber of Commerce. 03-07

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