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Roadside Cafes Texas


Bill Smith's Cafe
McKinney, TX
Photo courtesy Dennis Haberkern

Check out Bill Smith's Cafe in McKinnon, TX. This sign looks like it came straight out of the 60's.



Avenue Cafe
Austin, TX
Photo and info courtesy Dave and Debra van Hulsteyn

The Avenue Cafe with is streamline marquee is worth a stop for breakfast.




Cafe 290
Austin, TX
Photo courtesy Chris Richey

The Cafe 290 of Austin, Texas features a sign all aglow in neon.



De Wese's Tip Top Cafe
San Antonio, TX
Photo and info courtesy Danyelle Freeman

Check out this roadside eatery in San Antonio, TX. The interior of De Wese's Tip Top Cafe looks to date back from the 30's.



Cafe Texan
Huntsville, TX
Photo courtesy Chris Richey

The Cafe Texan in Huntsville features a neon sign that juts out over the roadside.






Texas Cafe (Removed)
Austin, TX
Photo courtesy Dave & Debra van Hulsteyn

Check out this fantastic marquee that's shaped in the State of Texas. This marquee for D&L's Texas Cafe still lights up the roadside along a boulevard in Austin.


UPDATE 01/07 : D&L's Texas Cafe and its sign are no more along Congress Ave. 01-07



Hill's Cafe (Closed)
Austin, TX
Photo courtesy Dave & Debra van Hulsteyn

Here's another one of Austin's finest cafe signs, the neon marquee for the Hill's Cafe. This cafe dates back to 1941 as a coffee shop built by the owner's next to the Goodnight Motel. See more history info here at the Hill's Cafe website. This cafe is located on 4700 South Congress Avenue next door to the Classic Inn off of Congress Avenue in Austin.


UPDATE 11/20 : The Hills Cafe closed down in September 2018 as this area of South Congress continues to evolve into mixed-use development. The area's rapid growth and high property taxes is making it almost unaffordable for the venerable Austin businesses to stay alive in Austin, especially in this area.

The cafe opened back in 1947 and has featured comfort food to locals and travelers alike for over 70 years such as chicken fried steak and burgers.









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