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Drive-in Theatres Midwest


Egyptian Drive-in Theatre
Herrin, IL
Photos courtesy Emily Priddy

Welcome to the Egyptian Drive-in in Herrin, IL. This majestic drive-in theater is known to have the world's largest screen.

Well, at least it used to. This ozoner was in the process of being demolished in the Summer of '03. Yes, yet another classic drive-in theater has now left the property. The place has been cleared and is now part of the airport's expansion.

(Top photos) Former ticket booth and snack bar


Screen tower back
Photo courtesy Emily Priddy

Screen tower view
Photo courtesy Emily Priddy



Route 34 Drive-in
Earlville, IL
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

The Route 34 Drive-in Theatre in Earlville, IL sits right off of... Route 34. The grass was well manicured at this place, indicating that this drive-in is also healthy and well.



Airway Drive-in
St Louis County, MO
Photo courtesy Dennis Dixson

The Airway Centre is a rather eye-catching sign out in St. Louis county. If this marquee looks familiar, it's because it was once the main sign for the Airway Drive-in Theatre in Saint Ann. This drive-in lasted for over 30 years and closed down sometime in the 80's.



Sundance Kid Drive-in
Oregon, Ohio
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

Located in a very picturesque setting, the Sundance Kid Drive-in is a great place to catch an open-air movie.












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