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Roadside Taverns Midwest



Olkie's Bar
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

The Olkie's Barcan be found in Wisconsin. The marquee features an Indian head all lit up in neon. As an added delight, the neon on this sign appears intact and ready to be seen.



Pink Elephant
Photo courtesy Steve Felder

Looking for a pink elephant and liquor? Well, you're in luck. At Ralph Jordan's Pink Elephant of Ohio, you can grab a bite and marvel at a partying pink elephant sign.



Bamboo Inn
Photo courtesy Dirk Burhans

The Bamboo Inn is interesting in that the sign sports different shapes, much like the googie-type of decades back.



Barbara's Beer Garden
Springfield, MO
Photo courtesy Dirk Burhans

(Left) Barbara's Beer Garden of Springfield, MO is a stop if you're a beer drinker.







Fountain Square
Indianapolis, IN
Photo courtesy Emily Steele

Here's the Cocktail Lounge at the Fountain Square in Indianapolis, Indiana.




Red Key
Indianapolis, IN
Photo and info courtesy Emily Steele

Here is the Red Key, which is cool inside...all original interior,
jukebox that plays 45's, and red leather seating. The film, "Going All the Way," starring Ben Affleck, was filmed here (because they didn't have to change anything). The original owner, Russ, still works behind the counter everyday...and has strict conduct rules.










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