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Roadside Taverns Midwest


The Corner
Rockford, MI
Photo and info courtesy Richard Weiss

In Rockford, which is kind of a tourist town, was this old sign for The Corner. The Corner is essentially a bar but has a window on the street where they sell hot dogs from. 03-07


UPDATE 02/08 : The Corner Bar is "world famous" as being home of the Hotdog Hall of Fame.  Eat 10 hotdogs and you can get your name on the wall. Needless to say, they sell a lot of  hot dogs and the walls are pretty full.  I am proud to say my name is on the wall but back in 1972 you only had to eat 8 to get on the wall. Many thanks to Bruce McLean for update. 02-08



Cleary's Pub
Howell, MI
Photo and info courtesy Richard Weiss

The Cleary's Pub is located in downtown Howell. We ate there a couple of times and would certainly recommend it to anyone. 03-07



Petey's Bungalow
Oak Lawn, IL
Photo and info courtesy Bruce R. Cassi / 1999

Petey's Bungalow Lounge opened around 1960 and serves up some pretty big steaks. The drinks are known to be strong too. 04-07



Club Mardi Gras
Kansas City, MO
Photo courtesy Rod Holcomb

Here's the Club Mardi Gras, located in Kansas City, MO. On the outside of the building is an interesting ghost sign. 11-07








The Blue Room
Kansas City, MO
Photo courtesy Rod Holcomb

Check out the marquee for The Blue Room in Kansas City, MO. The Blue Room is located in the American Jazz Museum. See more information here. 11-07

(Far left) A close up look at the sign outside of the Blue Room

(Near right) The blue Room on this corner in Kansas City



The Oyster Bar
Fort Wayne, IN
Photo courtesy Alan Culley

The Oyster Bar in Fort Wayne, IN is still going strong and even opened a 2nd location. Check out the shots of the rotating neon. 12-07










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