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Neon signage southeast


Monte Carlo Arcade
Dillon, SC
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

This neon sign sits right in front of the Monte Carlo Arcade in Dillon, SC. 01-08








Ratcliffe's Flowers
Charlotte, NC
Photos and info courtesy Richard Weiss

The building that features this sign for Ratcliffe's Flowers is now a restaurant and is as elegant as an old movie palace inside. How this piece of Charlotte's history survived is almost shocking because there are few remnants downtown to even give you a hint that this is in fact an old city. Ratcliffe's has been encapsulated into a high rise... yup it is surrounded on top and on both sides by a modern building, meaning someone put a lot of effort into saving it. 02-08



H&C Coffee
Roanoke, VA
Photos courtesy Rick Ibsen

Check out the famous H&C Coffee sign in downtown Roanoke, VA. This animated neon sign is a local landmark and was recently restored along with the neighboring Dr. Pepper sign above. 08-08



Dr. Pepper
Roanoke, VA
Photo courtesy Rick Ibsen

Here's a large Dr Pepper sign located in downtown Roanoke,VA showing what it looks like when it is all lit up. 08-08








Beaman Pontiac
Nashville, TN
Photos courtesy Rick Ibsen

Here are a few night photos of this auto dealer treasure of a marquee located in Nashville, TN. Beaman Pontiac's neon sign still survives to this day. 04-09



















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