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Neon signage southeast


Reisert Insurance Agency
Louisville, KY
Photo courtesy Alan Culley

The neon really lights up the sky at the Reisert Insurance Agency. 12-07






Parsons's Drugs
Wadesboro, NC
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Wadesboro, NC is home to the Parson's Rexall Drugs and this backlit plastic sign. 12-07

(Near right) The drug store sign with the backlit plastic glowing at night

(Far right) The corner drug store



Nashville, TN
Photo courtesy Rick Ibsen

Jim Reed's Chevyland still features its "Yip'eee here's Chevyland" billboard along with the neon Chevrolet logo on its Nashville, Tennessee sign. Also check out the friendly character welcoming you in. 04-09



Windmill Beverages
Huntsville, AL
Photo and info courtesy Rick Ibsen

Windmill Beverages is a chain in the Huntsville, Alabama area. All of their stores (at least the ones I saw) feature this neon sign. 04-09







Atlanta, GA
Photo courtesy Paul Bauke

Atlanta, GA is home to this giant neon sign showing off the Coca-Cola name. According to this website, the giant sign stands on the former Olympia building near the Five Points district. The sign originally was located in Margaret Mitchell Square from 1932 through 1981 before being dismantled to make way for Woodruff Park. Fortunately for Coca-Cola as well as neon sign fans, this new version popped up in 2004. 04-09








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