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Sit Down Restaurants Southeast


Henry James Bar-B-Que
High Point, NC
Photo and info courtesy Richard Weiss

This chubby piggy character can be found on the Henry James Bar-B-Que sign located in the outskirts of High Point, NC. 02-09



Mary Mac's Tea Room
Atlanta, GA
Photo and info courtesy Kevin Powers

Check out the neon sign outside of Mary Mac's Tea Room. Mary Mac's is a classic southern eatery that has been in business in the Atlanta, GA area since 1945. According to the Mary Mac's Tea Room website, the restaurant uses the name "tea room" because back in the 1940's, it wasn't common for a female restaurant owner to open up a "restaurant". 02-09







Mr. Barbeque Winston-Salem NCMr. Barbeque Winston-Salem NCMr. Barbecue
Winston-Salem, NC
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Here's is a well known eatery from the 1960's that specializes in good barbecue Fittingly, the place is called Mr. Barbecue From the looks of things, Mr. Barbecue also serves up fried chicken and has some old time signs to boot. 09-10

(Far left) The marquee for the Mr. Barbecue

(Near left) A close-up shot of the dancing piggy on the sign

(Below) are more photos of the Mr. Barbecue restaurant in Winston-Salem, NC.


Mr. Barbecue menu item
Photo courtesy Tony Craig
Mr. Barbecue iced tea
Photo courtesy Tony Craig
Fried chicken boxed to go
Photo courtesy Tony Craig



Smalltown's Calabash Seafood Buffet
Magnolia, NC
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Check out the lit up sign for Smalltown's Calabash Seafood Buffet. This large sign appears to be of recent vintage. 11-10




Williamson's Bar-B-Q (Closed)
Florence, SC
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Florence, SC is home to this Bar-B-Q restaurant called Williamson's Bar-B-Q and Seafood. Unfortunately, this restaurant is now closed. 11-10















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