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Savannah Theatre
Savannah, GA
Photo courtesy Joyce Kerrigan

The Savannah Theatre in Savannah, Georgia features a vertical neon lit sign on its corner face. Looks like this place is still in business. The Savannah Theatre is known as the oldest continuously operating theater in the country having been built back in the year 1818.


UPDATE 04/09 : The Savannah Theatre was designed by architect William Jay. In the mid-1900's the Savannah began showing movies until the 1970's. The Savannah Theatre was restored in 2002 and today features an updated sound and light system. The theatre is known as the nations oldest continually-operating theatre. For more historical information on the Savannah Theatre, see the Savannah Theatre website. 04-09

More photos of the Savannah Theatre are located below.


Savannah Theatre box office
Savannah, GA
Photo courtesy Paul Bauke

Savannah Theatre marquee
Savannah, GA
Photo courtesy Paul Bauke



Ohio Theatre
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

The OHIO Theatre is a deco theatre located in Kentucky. Check out the fantastic lettering spelling out OHIO that truly stand out on this deco treasure.



Community Theatre
Little Rock, AR
Photo courtesy Stewart Isbell

Check out the Community Theatre in Little Rock, Arkansas. Looks like this theater is still open for business.



Perry Theatre
Perry, GA
Photo and info courtesy Steve/Back on Tack

The Perry Theater in Perry, GA seems to be the victim of traffic being diverted to new suburban shopping plazas less than a mile away. The building is located on Commerce Street.














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