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Historic Sites Arizona


Phoenix Title and Trust
Phoenix, AZ
Photo courtesy Gorb70

This deco building was formerly the Phoenix Title and Trust and has been transformed into lofts. 03-06



City Hall and Jail
Nogales, AZ
Photo courtesy Gorb70

Here's the Nogales Jail, still referred to by locals as Old City Hall, in Nogales, AZ. The old city hall and jail was built in 1914 and served as the city jail through the 1970's. 04-06



Security Building
Phoenix, AZ
Photo courtesy Gorb70

Check out the Security Building in Phoenix, AZ. This building was built in 1928. 04-06






Marist College
Tucson, AZ
Photos courtesy Gorb70


This Marist College in Tucson was first built in 1914 as a grammar and junior high school. More info can be found at the Marist College site.

The Tucson Roman Catholic Diocese has owned the Marist College for most of its history. there are worries by locals that this building is slowly falling into disrepair. 02-07

(Far left) A shot of the Marist College building

(Near left) A close-up of the front of the Marist College and a couple of sculptures




Amerind Foundation
Dragoon, AZ
Photos and info courtesy Gorb70


The Amerind Foundation and Museum in Dragoon, AZ was founded in 1937 by William S. Fulton. This museum features prehistoric American Indian artifacts and exhibits. 02-07

(Far left) A look at the front of the museum

(Near left) An old pickup









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