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Other Roadside Signage Arizona


Mountain Tapes (formerly Navajo Motel) (Gone)
Holbrook, AZ
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Route 66Here's the chieftain from the former Navajo Motel of Holbrook, right off of the 66.



Ortega's Shoes
Douglas, AZ
Photo courtesy Devil Doll

Ortega's Shoes in Douglas, AZ still features its old marquee advertising its shoes. This is the type of stores and signs that used to be quite prevalent back in the day when folks would go to the central district for shopping needs.



Tourist Home
Flagstaff, AZ
Photo courtesy M.C. Morrissey

Route 66The Tourist Home is an interesting looking lodging joint, in the Flagstaff area. It appears that the neon on the marquee for the Tourist Home has disappeared into the night.




Imperial Schools (Formerly General Motors Testing Laboratory)
Phoenix, AZ
Photos and info Elgin MacMillan


Check out the Imperial Schools building in Phoenix, AZ, which was formerly the home of the General Motors Testing Laboratory. First off, here's some info on this building, which was designed in the streamline moderne style.

(Far right) The interesting looking sign on top of the roof of the Imperial Schools



Cowboy Museum
Tombstone, AZ
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Check out the Cowboy Museum in Tombstone, AZ. This place has more than a passing resemblance to the Big Texan Steak House in Texas.





Beall's Plumbing/ Wall Art Gallery
Phoenix, AZ
Photos and info courtesy Elgin MacMillan


I spoke with the owner and operator of the Wall Art Gallery and he told me that Beall's Plumbing still owns the building and still operates the plumbing business out of the back part of the building.

According to the gallery owner, he likes the historical plumbing sign and plans to leave it up. The only change he said he would like to make to the sign if the city and Beall's will allow, is to change the word "plumbing" to art gallery or something to reflect the new business in the front half of the building.









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