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Other Roadside Signage Arizona


Roland's Market
Phoenix, AZ
Photo and info courtesy Elgin MacMillan

Roland's Market on the Southeast corner of 15th Street and Van Buren
Phoenix, Arizona
Photo courtesy Elgin MacMillan

The owner now told me that he bought Roland's Market about ten years ago form the original owners who were also Asian - he told me that Roland's was first an Oriental food market.

See the fate of Roland's Market and more at Roadside Peek's Spotlight on Roland's Market.



Ace Hardware
Phoenix, AZ
Photos and info courtesy Elgin MacMillan


According to the 4th generation owner of the Ace Hardware business at 2242 N 24TH St in Phoenix, AZ, the store was originally located at 32nd St and Thomas and owned by his great grandfather who didn't want to rent any more so he built this location and sign (24th St & Oak) in the early 60's. It used to be called "Lubos Hardware" and the sign had "Lobos" in vertical lettering and the words "hardware" running across the bottom.


According to a long time employee, the sign was originally translucent lexan and was back lit until a storm blew it apart in the 1990's. Because of the sign's historical value the City of Phoenix allowed them to keep the sign as long as they repaired it within a given amount of time. As the City offered no financial assistance, it had to be replaced with sheet metal for economical reasons. The marquee part of the sign is now the only part that lights up.

On an interesting side note, the down stairway and basement of the house that used to sit on this corner are still under the building but was filled in with dirt to create a solid foundation for the new 60's construction.

The family also owns the Ace Hardware located at: 5545 N 7th St in Phoenix, off Missouri. The 7th Street and Missouri area used to be called "Cinema Park" (was an area of theatres).



Lucky Cue
Phoenix, AZ
Photos and info courtesy Elgin MacMillan

Phoenix is home to the Lucky Cue billiard room and its rather unique sign. Unfortunately, the pool table sign has slowly been falling apart with an ever increasing rate of deterioration. The graffiti may have appeared about 3 or 4 years ago. The sign looks like it may have been neon at one time.


Lucky Cue (Restored)
Phoenix, AZ
Photos and info courtesy Elgin MacMillan

Here is the Lucky Cue sign after restoration. The owners are fixing it up, and they took down the letter to paint them. According to the owner, the balls are made of glass. It's a wonder if they lit up at one time. I also talked to the elderly barber next door who is a Native American and has been in Arizona for about 60 years. According to the barber, the sign may be about 47 years old, which would put it at about 1958. It does have that 50's look.

The Lucky Cue sign has some resemblance to this sign in Oklahoma.









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