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Liquor Store Signage Southern California


Pico Rivera Liquor
Pico Rivera, CA
Photo and info courtesy Sal Garcia

Here's an old roadside marquee for the Pico Rivera Liquor in where else but Pico Rivera, CA. This sign was torn down a few years ago and replaced by a plastic sign. 07-06



North Shore Liquors
Salton City, CA
Photo and info courtesy Bill Herzog

The North Shore Liquor Store no longer has gas, liquor, bait or sporting goods. But you can still get a cold beer there! 05-08



Santa Monica Liquor
Santa Monica, CA
Photo courtesy Scott Strickland

The Santa Monica Liquor marquee stands tall in Santa Monica. It appears that this sign survived the sign ordinance scare from several years ago. 10-09



Quicker Liquor FontanaQuicker Liquor
Fontana, CA
Photo courtesy Jack Wright

The Quicker Liquor in Fontana, CA has been lighting up Sierra Avenue for years. 09-10








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