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Other Roadside Motels Northern California

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Sea Captains Motel
Photo courtesy Justin Montano

Here are a couple of shots of the Sea Captains Motel on Lombard St. in San Francisco. This marquee typifies the look around Lombard.

(Far left) A close up look at the Sea Captains Motel sign

(Near left) The throwback motel



Motel Capri
Lombard St., San Francisco
Photo courtesy Justin Montano

Off Lombard St. is a roadside motel advertising its services just as the old motor hotels used to years ago. Yes, just 4 blocks away is a very quiet motel... the Capri Motel. Also sporting its neon skin at night, the Capri shows that character still remains amidst an environment dominated by motel chains.

Yes, the motel is "very quiet" and now just one block away!


Marina Motel
Photo courtesy Justin Montano

The Marina Motel is a standard motor hotel found near the wharf.



Lombard Plaza Motel
Photo courtesy Justin Montano

The Lombard Plaza Motel is also along... yes.. Lombard St. Within a short distance of the Golden Gate Bridge as well as Fisherman's Wharf, Lombard is a popular spot for tourists seeking lodging at a reasonable price.

Check out the bulbs hanging on the ceiling.

The profile of the Lombard Plaza Motel.

The Lombard Plaza Rooms
Photo courtesy Justin Montano



Pacific Motor inn
Photo courtesy Justin Montano

The Pacific Motor Inn appears to be a rather common motel.



Surf Motel
Photo courtesy Justin Montano

The Surf Motel carries on with the oceanfront theme of the motels on Lombard.



Photo courtesy Justin Montano

It's.. it's... it's... a Travelodge! Now standard is most cities and towns, the Travelodge's marquee advertises its services to the unsuspecting traveler.












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