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Other Roadside Motels Northern California

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City Center Motel
San Jose, CA
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

The City Center Motel in San Jose features a neon diver on the sign. The sign itself towers over the nearby street. 12-10








The Carriage House Inn (Demolished)
Lake Tahoe, CA
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

This familiar sign is found in the resort town of Lake Tahoe, CA. The Carriage House Inn is one of the remaining roadside lodging areas that still feature a good roadside sign that also lights with neon. Check out the buggy on this sign. 12-10


UPDATE 08/12 : The Carriage House Inn was demolished a few years ago to make way for a new convention center. Several blocks were removed. 08-12



Sands Motel (Removed)
Sacramento, CA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Auburn Boulevard in Sacramento used to be home to a treasure trove of old roadside signage. Unfortunately, most of the signs have been removed either due to the properties being redeveloped or just the signage being replaced.

To the far left is a shot of the Sand's Motel sign before it was replaced by backlit plastic in the late 1990's.


Sands Motel
Photo courtesy Mike & Robyn Howard

Check out the what the sign looks like these days after being replaced. 07-11




Surf Motel
Sacramento, CA
Photo courtesy Mike & Robyn Howard

Here's another motel found off of Auburn Blvd. in Sacramento. Unlike the Sands and some of the other motel signage that has disappeared, this Surf Motel sign has looked this way for at least the past decade. 07-11









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