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Neon Eateries Texas


59 Diner
Houston, TX
Photo courtesy Chris Richey

The 59 Diner in Houston, TX features neon that's in fine working order.



Bo Bo China
Photo courtesy Chris Richey

Bo Bo's is a Chinese restaurant in Dallas, featuring a Mandarin cuisine and this nice lit up sign.




Prince Hamburgers
Dallas, TX
Photo courtesy Chris Richey

The Prince Hamburgers in Dallas, Texas has a sign outside that truly advertises its name and food.


UPDATE 11/08 : The Prince of Hamburgers closed its doors in 2005 and is no more.

See more information at Roadside Peek's Lost Treasures - The Price of Hamburgers. 11-08



Carrilla Tacos
Dallas, TX
Photo courtesy Chris Richey

Carrilla Tacos is home to the $1 tacos in Dallas. The neon sign is somewhat standout in that it lights up the avenue.



Lucas B&B Restaurant
Dallas, TX
Photo and info courtesy Mary Schlepphorst

The Lucas B&B Restaurant in Dallas was remodeled into Pappadeux's Seafood Kitchen. The neon sign is still there and blinks at passersby. 01-06



Keller's Hamburgers
Dallas, TX
Photo courtesy Mary Schlepphorst

Keller's Hamburgers is a drive-in burger joint in Dallas, TX that features reportedly great burgers and friendly carhops that flashback to the time when drive-in eateries were all the rage. Check out this neon sign that graces the business. 01-06




Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse
Dallas, TX
Photo courtesy Chris Richey

This neon sign for Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse advertises this barbecue joint that appears to have been in business since 1910.










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