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Roadside Diners Pacific Northwest


Andy's Diner
Seattle, WA
Photo courtesy John Spencer

Here's a real old style diner in Seattle. Andy's Diner still serves a hot meal right off the roadside. Check out the mid-century look and sign of the building.



Old Diner
Portland, OR
Photo courtesy Jeff Raber

Here's an old abandoned diner in Portland. Not sure what the name of this diner used to be back in the day.



Bliss' Hot Rod Grill
Florence, OR
Photo courtesy Matthias Tippner

Bliss' Hot Rod Grill is a popular place to eat at in Florence, OR. Known for its 50's style atmosphere, the grill features good portions and a couple of hot rod car themed tables to sit at. The Hot Rod Grill was formerly called Bliss' Route 101 Restaurant and Lounge but was renamed to more appropriately capture the theme of the restaurant. 01-09







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