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Snacks and Stuff Pacific Northwest


Frisko Freeze
Tacoma, WA
Photo courtesy Mike

The Frisko Freeze tries to catch the attention of the passing motorist with not only a swooping arrow but an image of a burger.



Triple XXX Root Beer
Issaquah, WA
Photo courtesy Steve Felder

Here is a Triple XXX Root Beer stand located in Issaquah, Washington (honorary Roadside Peek "East" member). This is a mandatory stop for all of you in the Washington area, if only to marvel at the stand built around a huge root beer barrel exterior. This Triple XXX is one of the last two locations still in existence. The other Triple XXX Root Beer drive-in is located in West Lafayette, IN.

Check out this special section on the Triple XXX Root Beer of Issaquah, WA, courtesy of Dan Brown.











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