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Sit Down Restaurants Southeast


R&C Restaurant
Williamston, NC
Photos and info courtesy Tony Craig

Here's an old sign found in Williamston, NC. A woman coming out of the business next door stated this restaurant called R&C Restaurant used to serve the best cheeseburger. Also had collard greens, cornbread and other southern foods. Look at the price on the sign...30 cents for a burger. 11-10



Mammy's Cupboard
Natchez, MS
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Here is a well known roadside landmark called Mammy's Cupboard found off the Natchez Trail in Natchez. To many, this roadside attraction of a restaurant bears a striking resemblance to the bottle of Mrs. Butterworth pancake syrup. According to Roadside America, Mammy's Cupboard opened in 1940 and today is a eatery located inside a 28-foot tall woman's skirt. 11-10



Maryland Friend Chicken
Bristol, VA
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

The Maryland Fried Chicken is a very familiar place to eat for many in the Southeast. The Maryland Fried Chicken chain began as Constantine's back in 1959 and evolved to its present name to capitalize on Baltimoreans longing for home cooked food. For more information, see this Baltimore City Paper and the Maryland Fried Chicken website. 11-10



Maryland Fried Chicken
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Here's another one of the Maryland Fried Chicken locations. Not sure of the city in which this chicken place is located. 11-10



Mr. Waffles
Gaffney, SC
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

This orange building for Mr. Waffles appropriately stands out, especially for the sleepy travelers looking to get a good meal and coffee. 11-10





Boudreaux's Backyard
New Orleans, LA
Photo courtesy Rod Holcomb

Boudreaux's Backyard restaurant features another of Bourbon Street's famous neon signs. 12-10



Lafayette, LA
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

This sign for a newer looking restaurant called Prejean's, which is located in Lafayette, LA. 11-10





Sammy's Seafood
New Orleans, LA
Photo courtesy Rod Holcomb

Cruising through the South brings you to the Boss Hog BBQ in Terrell, NC. Stop by here for some BBQ.


Boss Hog BBQ
Terrell, NC
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Here's the sign for Sammy's Seafood found along Bourbon Street in Louisiana. The neon works on this sign like the others in the area. 12-10










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