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Sit Down Restaurants Southeast


The Stowe-A-Way
Concord, NC
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Here's a look at the marquee for The Stowe-A-Way fish house in Concord, NC.



Carey Hilliard's
Savannah, GA
Photo courtesy Bob Jagendorf

Here's the marquee for Carey Hilliard's Barbecue Restaurant, located in Savannah, GA. The color scheme on this sign are vintage 60's as well as the different types of lettering fonts.





Bridges Barbecue Lodge
Shelby, NC
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Off Highway 74 in Shelby, NC is the Bridges Barbecue Lodge. Bridges is known to many as having the best barbecue in town. Check out the marquee near the road.

Bridges Barbecue Lodge has been open for business since 1947. 03-06



Little Pigs Barbecue
Statesville, NC
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

A couple of little pigs in chefs hats adorn the Little Pigs Barbecue marquee in Statesville, NC. 03-06



This Is It
Boger City, NC
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

This rooftop sign directs travelers to the This Is It sandwich shop in Boger City, NC. The poor boy sandwiches and the prices haven't changed much in over 20 years. 09-05




Bar-B-Que Wagon
Bryson City, NC
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Here's the Bar-B-Que Wagon restaurant, located in Bryson City, NC. This business features the right type of sign to go with a roadside Bar-B-Q looking to capture the eye of the passing motorist. 06-06

(Far right) Check out the piggy on top of the marquee

(Near right) The front of the restaurant











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