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Sit Down Restaurants Southeast


Tee Pee Restaurant
Photo courtesy Kevin Powers

A fancy tee pee themed location is the Tee Pee Restaurant. Based near the Smoky Mountains National Park, stop by this roadside treasure when you're in the area and grab some eats. This business was still going strong in 1998.



Country's Barbecue
Columbus, GA
Photo courtesy Kevin Powers

Check out Country's Barbecue in Columbus, Georgia. At one time, this was a Trailways Bus Station that was slated for demolition. The sign kept the original "Air Conditioned" neon work from the old sign (located near the bottom). The owner of Country's parked a 50's bus against the restaurant and opened a doorway between them to allow patrons to eat on the bus itself.






Nelva Restaurant
Meridian, MS
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Here's a nice mid-century building housing the Nelva Restaurant in Meridian. Check out the lettering on the side of the building and the rooftop pillar. The marquee outside with the happy chef brings a smile to many a prospective diner.

Nelva Restaurant lettering
Photo courtesy Tony Craig



Piggy Park BBQ
Columbia, SC
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Looking for some good BBQ in the Columbia area of SC? You may wish to give the Piggy Park a try. Hopefully "Little Joe" hasn't been served up yet, though.



Cantonese Chinese Food
New Orleans, LA
Photo courtesy Devil Doll

New Orleans is famous for spicy Cajun food... and Cantonese Chinese Food? Well, this rooftop sign is special enough to make Cantonese food famous. Check out the old clock on the wall.



Rogers Restaurant
Lexington, KY
Photo courtesy Devil Doll

Rogers Restaurant still advertises its menu specials of the day on its large marquee out front.















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