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Sit Down Restaurants Southeast


Bar-B-Q King
Charlotte, NC
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Charlotte, NC is home to this barbecue joint called Bar-B-Q King. 02-08



5 and 10 Ferse's Luncheonette
Orangeburg, SC
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Here is the 5 & 10 Ferse's Luncheonette located in this old building in Orangeburg, SC. 02-08



Stavros Grill
Burlington, NC
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Here's a roadside stop in Burlington, NC. The familiar red hook arrow points the way in the front door of Stavros Grill. 03-08





Bar-B-Q King
Lexington, NC
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss


Check out the Bar-B-Q Center located in the town of Lexington,NC. This eatery features a marquee that states its barbecue is pit-cooked and that the place offers curb service. 03-08

(Far left) The Bar-B-Q Center marquee

(Near left) The restaurant off the side of the road



Bar-B-Que Shack
Thomasville, NC
Photo and info courtesy Richard Weiss

Thomasville is the location of a more modern sign, this being one for the Bar-B-Que Shack. 03-08



Bubba's Barbecue
Charlotte, NC
Photo and info courtesy Richard Weiss

Bubba's Barbecue is off I-77 in Charlotte near the northern edge of the city. It said "Eastern NC style" on the sign (whatever that means.) The people at the table next to me were from Philadelphia and made a trip just for this place! So that's one more for the Bubba collection! As is typical of these places (except Bridge's) the interior was very plain, little more than tables with plaid tablecloths with the restaurants own BBQ sauce waiting for you. This "Bubba's famous sauce" was weird in that it had vinegar in it so I mostly opted for the sweeter more normal stuff. 03-08



Raleigh, NC
Photos and info courtesy Richard Weiss

A Pennsylvania tradition now in North Carolina. The one place you can eat a gas station sandwich and tell people about it. Sheetz was off I-85 near Raleigh. 03-08

(Far left) A shot of the tall Sheetz marquee

Note: Despite an early dilemma on the which section of the site to place this in, "sit down" restaurants turned out to be most appropriate.











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