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Big Boy is a trademark of Big Boy Restaurants International. Logo courtesy Bob Thomas.

Big Boy East covers selected Big Boy restaurants in the eastern part of the United States, including the Midwest and Northeast regions.

Check out this Big Boy memorabilia, courtesy Bob Thomas.


Big Boys
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

Here's a shot of the Big Boy's Restaurant that's located near St. Louis, MO. Check out this grinning guy with his food.



Frisch's Big Boy
Springfield, OH
Photo courtesy Mike Austing

Here's a shot of the Frisch's Big Boy on the eastern edge of Springfield, OH, complete with a Big Boy in front.





Elias Brothers Big Boy
Livonia, MI
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

The Elias Brothers Big Boy in Livonia, MI sports the big boy on top of its marquee. Not sure if this place is still open these days.


UPDATE 07/04 : The Livonia Big Boy is still going strong, and has been for possibly for over 40 years. They finally renovated the place with more of a retro theme. There is even a mural on the wall featuring a newer more up to date Big Boy character, over weight, bare chested, wearing baggy red and white checked overalls. The Big Boy perched on the sign is still there as well. I think that you can still dine while in your car at the Drive-in portion of the restaurant. Lots of Great memories still being had there! Many thanks to Danny Marderosian for above update. 07-04



Frisch's Big Boy
Photo courtesy Dirk Burhans

Here's the huge marquee from the Frisch's Big Boy in Columbus, OH that is still in operation.



Elias Brothers Big Boy
Alma, MI
Photo and info courtesy Brian Beery

Here's an Elias Brothers Big Boy in Alma, Michigan. This sign is visible from the freeway and has been a landmark for northbound and southbound travelers for several decades.




Frisch's Big Boy
Lancaster, OH
Photo courtesy Dirk Burhans

Welcome to the world famous Frisch's Big Boy of Lancaster, OH. Sporting a very active Big Boy out front, this burger location was once a "must see" for all you prospective Ohio visitors.


UPDATE : Unfortunately, as time changes, great restaurants change too. The word is that Frisch's relocated in 1992, and this original location was converted to a sports bar. The new Frisch's is located about 1/2 mile away in ... you guessed it ... a mall! How grand!



Bob's Big Boy
Harrisburg, PA
Photo courtesy Dirk Burhans

Although this Bob's Big Boy is not of true vintage lineage, the restaurant sports a very pleasant Big Boy out front to welcome diners. Quite possibly built in the 1980's from the looks of things. Worth a jaunt over to Harrisburg, PA if you're in the area.




Big Boy's Restaurant
Wright City, MO
Photo courtesy Dirk Burhans

This Big Boy's Restaurant of Wright City, MO dates back to 1924 and is not a "true" Big Boy of Bob Wian heritage (predates the Big Boy franchise/chain by 12 years). This restaurant is located off the I-70 and is well known throughout the land for its fried chicken!


Of course, the locals and most roadside travelers have noticed that the good ol' Big Boy statue is missing out front. Instead, a huge hungry diner stands atop the marquee with some type of grub on a plate... perhaps the famous fried chicken? After much debate about whether this classic Big Boy's belongs on a Big Boy page, well you probably see the conclusion...


Another Shot of Big Boy's Restaurant
Wright City, MO
Photo courtesy Jason Carlton






Big Boy, Marietta OH
Photo courtesy Dirk Burhans

Another of the classic style of Big Boy restaurants is this Elby's Big Boy in Marietta, Ohio. From the Big Boy standing near the sidewalk, beaming to passersby, to the marquee, this Big Boy could pass for any other of the Big Boy chain, especially on the west coast.

Elby's covers West Virginia and Pennsylvania, and just into eastern Ohio. They were originally based in Wheeling WV but about a decade ago were purchased by Elias Bros (they decided to keep them as Elby's rather than changing to the Elias Bros name). Many thanks to Bob Thomas for the above information.



Frisch's Mainliner
Cincinnati, OH
Photo courtesy Paul Bauke

Here's a rather fancy sign for Frisch's Mainliner, located in Cincinnati, OH. This restaurant, Cincinnati's first Big Boy restaurant, opened in 1939.

Check out the airplane coming out of this sign.





Frisch's Big Boy
Milford, OH
Photo courtesy Paul Bauke

Milford, OH is home to a Frisch's Big Boy that still features the grand Big Boy marquee.

The the near left, the Frisch's Big Boy statue still actively scampers off with the famous double decker burger.



Big Boy
Belpre, OH
Photo courtesy Dirk Burhans

This Big Boy in Belpre, Ohio just sports the familiar red and white Big Boy signage.




Big Boy East logo and Frisch's, Harrisburg, and Marietta photo touch ups courtesy Bob Thomas

Big Boy is a trademark of Big Boy Restaurants International



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