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Roadside Taverns East


Town Tavern
Dansville, NY
Photo and info courtesy Jay Lin

After a hearty steak dinner at Jack's Place, belly up to the bar at the Town Tavern for a cold pint of your favorite brew. With the wheel and anchor motif, is this place frequented by many sailors? Unlikely. Dansville is hundreds of miles from the ocean.



Kelly's Bar
Pittsburgh, PA
Photo and info courtesy T.H. Lyda

Here is one of Pittsburgh PA's greatest neon signs. Kelly's Bar is a deco cocktail lounge circa the 30s or 40s and is in the process of being restored, including the neon.



El Mocambo Tavern
Toronto, Canada
Photo courtesy Jay Lin

"Under the neon palms" was an expression heard for many years until this fall. Famous for the appearance of the Rolling Stones in 1977, this Toronto landmark closed it's doors for the last time. Hopefully the El Mocambo Tavern sign will be rescued by an appreciative benefactor.



Johnson City, NY
Photo and info courtesy Jay Lin

Again we go to Johnson City NY where we find the Belmar, a very working-class bar where you can get a cold beer after a tough shift at the factory.




Triple S Bar
Eatontown, NJ
Photo courtesy Moon Mullins OX-76

If you are ever in the Fort Monmouth area of Eatontown, New Jersey and need a quick snack or bagged ice for your cooler, Triple S Bar and Liquors is the place. A large, eye-catcher of a sign in the New Jersey area.


UPDATE 07/01 : The Triple S Bar was torn down about 18 months ago. Many thanks to BGD for this info. 07-01



Chanticleer Lounge
Ithaca, NY
Photo courtesy Jay Lin

Ithaca, New York is the home of Cornell University and multi-colored roosters. The Chanticleer Lounge is a stop-off on the way to the theatre.



Al's Lounge
Photo courtesy Jay Lin

Here's a small bar sign from a tiny place in upstate New York where you can drink away the small town blues. Check out the marquee on Al's Lounge as it just over the entranceway.











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