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Avenue of the Dogs East


Photo courtesy John Salvatore

A must see addition to Roadside Peek: An article on The Huntington Hot Dog by John Salvatore.



Texas Hot
Wellsville, NY
Photo courtesy Jay Linserves

A very nice front in Wellsville, NY. Texas Hot up spicy sausages and dogs to anyone who dares. Beautiful stainless steal on green tiles highlights this local eatery.



Wiener World
Pittsburgh, PA
Photo courtesy Steve Felder

In the mood for a quick and delicious bite? Then stop by Wiener World when you are in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area and grab a dog. On a diet? Then try out the "soup of the day."





Nathan's Famous
Coney Island, NY
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

Nathan's Famous
Photo courtesy Rod Holcomb

A visit to New York is not complete without a stop at Coney Island. The original "home" of the hot dog (seemingly debatable to each and every other city), Nathan's Famous has been in operation since 1916. This is the neon marquee at the original counter, and no visit to Coney would be complete without "snapping" into the "best hot dog in the world."



Nathan's Famous marquee
Photo courtesy Rod Holcomb

Here's another shot of the well known Nathan's Famous sign in Coney Island, NY. The sign still features its rather royal looking weenie. 10-10



AJ Texas Hots
Jamestown, NY
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

Check out AJ Texas Hots which is located in the town of Jamestown, NY. This place is supposed to be as hot as the Texas state. 01-01


UPDATE 01/07 : AJ Texas Hots has been family owned and operated for over 38 years. All sales are in sets of 3. More info can be found at the AJ Texas Hots website. 01-07













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