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Burger Joints East


Charcoal Pit
Wilmington, DE
Photo and info courtesy Kevin Powers

This is the Charcoal Pit Restaurant on Concord Pike in Wilmington, Delaware. Apparently it is a local legend that has been around since the 1950's.





Burger Chef circa 1965
Photos and info courtesy John Flack

A famous name from the East, Burger Chef served burgers with gusto (and sported great architecture to boot) during the mid to late century. Alas, this 1956 outfit is no more.


(Right) A fantastic light fixture


See JSF's Burger Chef site for more photos and history.



White Manna, New Jersey
Photo courtesy Steve Felder

Located in the New Jersey area is White Manna. This hamburger joint is a classic old eastern chain. But hurry in quickly for your greasy burger as there is only 2 left in New Jersey.








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