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Neon Eateries East


The Circus Drive-in
Wall, NJ
Photo courtesy Bill Jackson

Check out the famous marquee that advertises The Circus Drive-in of Wall, NJ. The drive-in eatery has been around serving hungry automobile patrons since 1954. The round building looks like a tent in a circus.



Burger Chef
New Jersey
Photo courtesy John Flack

The Burger Chef is quite a sight to see, especially at night. Home of the 15 cent hamburgers, at least in this day and age.



Colonia Dairy Maid
Colonia, NJ
Photo courtesy Paul Bauke

The Colonia Dairy Maid is a favorite stop for ice cream for travelers and locals alike. This shot shows the eye-catching neon lettering across the top facade of the Colonia building.



Prospect Mountain Diner
Lake George, NY
Photo and info courtesy Matthias Tippner

This Silk City type of diner called the Prospect Mountain Diner was built in 1950 and is located in Lake George, NY. 01-07


UPDATE 01/07 : Earlier status that the diner was demolished was verified to be incorrect. Many thanks to Mike Engle. 01-07



Maxie's Delicatessen
New York City, NY
Photo courtesy Paul Bauke

Maxie's Deli features more of the eye catching neon signage at its location on the north end of Times Square. 01-07






Flying Saucer Restaurant
Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

The Flying Saucer Restaurant is a unique stop for food while in the Niagara Falls area. The meals are known to be large and affordably priced. 03-07



Olympia Diner
Newington, CT
Photo and info courtesy Rick Ibsen

The Olympia Diner is on the Berlin Turnpike in Newington, CT. 04-07



Dave's Tavern
New York City, NY
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

The neon is rather eye-catching at Dave's Tavern in New York City. 07-07















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