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Avenue of the Dogs East


Johnny's Hot Dogs
Butzville, NJ
Photo and info courtesy Paul Bauke

Johnny's Hot Dogs is a well known hot dog joint on U. S. Route 46 near the Delaware Water Gap. This is a great place to hit on a Sunday drive.



Clare and Carl's
Plattsburgh, NY
Photo and info courtesy Mark Hobson

Here's an eatery , Clare & Carl's, located along Rt.9N, near Plattsburgh, NY. This is a place for Michigans (steamed hot dogs on a bun smothered in meat sauce) in northern NY. 01-07



Super Duper Weenie
Fairfield, CT
Photo and info courtesy Brett Leveridge

Fairfield, CT is home to the Super Duper Weenie. They appear to have only been around since the mid-1970s, but they've got the right look and attitude, and the franks are quite tasty.

This hot dog joint was featured on the David Letterman show. Check out their Super Duper Weenie website for more info. 07-07



Super Duper Weenie close-up
Fairfield, CT
Photo courtesy Brett Leveridge

To the left is a close-up of the neon sign in the front window of the Super Duper Weenie.







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