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Root Beer East


Stewart's Root Beer
Photo courtesy Steve Felder

Yes, it's the famous Stewart's Root Beer... the same beverage found in all of the store bottles of the same name. There are still Stewart's stands around, with this one being from the New Jersey area. Rumor has it that this was another "two-wheeled" turn.



Richardson Root Beer
Conneaut, OH
Photo courtesy Steve Felder

The last one left of the old Richardson Root Beer Company, this Conneaut, Ohio landmark still serves root beer mixed fresh in the mug when the spicket on the barrel is flipped open. The photographer's favorite, Richardson's also serves good food.




Allen's Drive-in
Coldwater, MI
Photo courtesy Steve Felder

Another grand root beer stand still in existence is Allen's Root Beer in Coldwater, Michigan. Many thanks to Jim Emory for correction on Allen's location.

The Allen's Drive-In was formerly a B&K Root beer, it has been in the Allen family for over 25 years now. My grandparents owned and ran it for 17 seasons and my parents have now owned and ran it for 8 seasons. It is seasonal as we open in early February and close in late October. We do have cruise-nights on Monday nights. We can fit 18 cars under our canopy and we provide full carhop service, complete with frozen mugs of root beer. Many thanks to Chris Allen of Allen's Drive-in for the above update.



Stewart's Root Beer
Howell, NJ
Photo and info courtesy Bob Jagendorf

Stewart's is one of the earliest drive-in restaurants. Stewart's is famous for their root beer and their waitresses that bring the food to the car, like in American Graffiti. There are still several of these Orange Drive Ins in NJ. This one is on Route 9 in Howell.








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