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Roadside Taverns East


North Point Tavern
Chambersburg, PA
Photo courtesy Moon Mullins OX-76

Have a hot day and need to stop for a cold one. Then the North Point Tavern is somewhere to go. Where is it located? How about Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. If you're not in the area and need a drink, fly in. Fares are cheap these days.



Anderson Hotel
Penwell, NJ
Photo and info courtesy Henry Jewell

Here's a photo of the Anderson Hotel, located between Penwell and Washington, NJ. The Anderson, which opened in 1795, was considered New Jersey's oldest tavern when it sold out and closed down in 2005. It was an old saloon and stagecoach stop from years ago. 07-06



Jack's Cantina
Niagara Falls, Canada
Photo courtesy Paul Bauke

Here's an interesting neon sign at Jack's Cantina in Niagara Falls, Canada. 07-06



The Forks Tavern
Pennsville, NJ
Photo courtesy Paul Bauke

Here's an old rooftop sign for The Forks Restaurant, located in the New Jersey town of Pennsville. The Forks sign looks like it was a blast to look at when the neon tubing was still on and working. The Forks Restaurant is currently for sale. 07-06



Fosters Coach House Tavern
Rhinebeck, NY
Photo courtesy Paul Bauke

Located in a town called Rhinebeck north of NY City is the Fosters Coach House Tavern. Foster's was built in 1890 by Walter Decker, then purchased by Wally Foster who rebuilt the interior after World War II. More info can be found at the Foster's Coach House Tavern website. 01-07




Cheers Boston Beacon Hill
Boston, MA
Photos and info courtesy Paul Bauke

They say that art (TV, movies, etc) imitates real life. Well here's a case where real life has imitated art. When the TV show Cheers aired, the exterior shots of the bar were filmed at a bar in Boston called the Bull & Finch Pub that opened in 1969. The Cheers signs were put up for filming the exterior shots. The TV show Cheers may only be in syndication, but the owners of the Bull & Finch have changed the name and exterior signage to the Cheers signage we've seen on the TV show. I can almost hear Norm ordering a beer, and Cliff's long-winded trivia. 07-07


Boston, MA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Check out the familiar entrance to the place "where everybody knows your name." This Cheers in the Faneuil Hall Marketplace features an actual replica of the famous Cheers bar from the TV series of the same name. Photos of the famous Cheers location in Bunker Hill where exterior shots of Cheers were taken will be added soon. 02-08










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