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Neon Eateries East


Jack's Cantina
Niagara Falls, Canada
Photo courtesy Paul Bauke

Here's an interesting neon sign at Jack's Cantina in Niagara Falls, Canada. 07-06



Idaho Sweets BBQ
Wildwood, NJ
Photo courtesy Matthew Hands

Wildwood, NJ is still home to this neon sign for the Idaho Sweets BBQ. 12-06





Brooklyn Diner
New York City, NY
Photo courtesy Paul Bauke

Check out this neon shot of the Brooklyn Diner in New York City. The diner seems to busy on a daily basis. 01-07


Brooklyn Diner
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Check out this angle shot of the Brooklyn Diner at night. It's always great to see the neon lit while walking in Manhattan. 05-20





Donut Dip
Springfield, MA
Photo courtesy Richard Ibsen

The neon lettering of the Donut Dip will capture a hungry travelers eye looking for a midnight snack. 02-06



Al Mac's Diner
Fall River, MA
Photo and info courtesy Matthias Tippner

The Al Mac's Diner of Fall River, MA is a somewhat famous roadside diner that's been featured in many publications. This diner is a DeRaffle built in 1952. 01-07




Boulevard Diner
Worchester, MA
Photo and info courtesy Matthias Tippner

Check out this night shot of the Boulevard Diner in Worchester, MA. 01-07

For more information and photos about this classic diner, see Roadside Peek's Spotlight on the Boulevard Diner.



Fillin Station Diner
Whately, MA
Photo and info courtesy Matthias Tippner

Here's the Fillin Station Diner, located in the town of Whately, MA. This diner is a Kullman and was built in 1960. 01-07





Nathan's Famous
Coney Island, NY
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Opened in 1916 by Nathan Handwerker, Nathan's Famous is a real treat to visit while in the New York area. Nathan's is located on the corner of Stillwell and Surf Avenues and is home to the Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating contest which Takeru Kobayashi has been recently dominating. Kobayashi ate a world record 53 3/4 hot dogs in 1996.

Grab a few chili dogs and fries, even in the evening (open 8am to 1am every day), and marvel at the neon draping around the building.

Below are a couple more photos of Nathan's at night. 01-07


Nathan's Famous marquee
Coney Island, NY
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com
Another neon sign at Nathan's
Coney Island, NY
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com











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