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Other Roadside Motels Arizona

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Cascade Motel
Prescott, AZ
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

The Cascade Motel features a sign listing the features of the motel.



Lil' Mtn Inn
Yarnell, AZ
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

The Lil' Mtn Inn in Yarnell is a fine old neon sign found just off the old highway.




Trails End (Demolished)
Phoenix, AZ
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

How about this thematic sign for the Trails End Motel. The character image depicts discovering the end of the trail.


UPDATE 10/05 : During the demolition of the structure, the city had the sign removed and placed in the city's maintenance yard less than a half-mile up Grand Avenue. Unfortunately, the signs future is uncertain as there currently aren't any funds to repair or install it, or a location for it to be installed. Many thanks to Jodey Elsner for update. 10-05



Arizona Motel
Tucson, AZ
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

The Arizona Motel still features its roadside sign just off the street. This one lights up.



Kiva Lodge
Tempe, AZ
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

This ornate sign for the Kiva Lodge in Tempe features a colorful headdress. The motor courts themselves feature covered parking next to the individual bungalows, though not sure what type of condition the lodging is here these days.



Travelers Motel
Tempe, AZ
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

The Travelers Motel in Tempe shows off it sign that appears to be from the 70's or so.



Plainsman Motel
Mesa, AZ
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Yet another Mesa motel marquee, the Plainsman Motel sign here looks somewhat similar to the one in Holbrook, AZ.






RB Lodge Motel
Mesa, AZ
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Check out this marquee for the RB Motel. The cowboy or rancher doing the "circle" on the sign itself looks like full featured neon, similar to the letting on the sign itself. This roadside motel and RV park is located in Mesa, AZ.

(Near right) A close up view of the RB Lodge Motel sign








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