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Other Roadside Motels Arizona

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City Center Motel
Phoenix, AZ
Photos courtesy Elgin MacMillan

Check out the City Center Motel in Phoenix, AZ. This fine mid-century motel building features many of the googie elements distinctive of the era.

(Far left and left) A couple of shots of the profile of the City Center Motel, including the large angular siding on the motel building.



UPDATE 05/08 : Here's a postcard shot from the 50's of the City Center Motel. The look of the motel appears to be the same, with the exception of the colors and panels on the marquee. Many thanks to Elgin MacMillan for update. 05-08


City Center Motel
Phoenix, AZ
Postcard courtesy Elgin MacMillan and Jodey Elsner



Mesa, AZ
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

This Motel sign is a reminder to when the family would pack in the station wagon and take a real road trip across America to see grandma or Aunt Suzie ... or something like that.



El Rancho Motel
Mesa, AZ
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

This unique sign for the El Rancho Motel in Mesa still advertises the motel's family rates and pool.



Buckhorn Baths Motel
Mesa, AZ
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Here's a nice neon sign for the Buckhorn Baths Motel, one of the roadside motels found off the main drag in Mesa. The young buck character can be seen peeking up over the top of the marquee.



Home on the Range Motel
Bowie, AZ
Photo courtesy Gorb70

Check out this old motel in Bowie, AZ which is home to the Home on the Range Motel. 03-06

(Left) A little gift shop located on the site.



Horseshoe Motel
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

The Horseshoe Motel in Arizona tries to lure in roadside tourists with its flashy colors and interesting marquee.


Hiway Host Motel
Mesa, AZ
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Here's another marquee found in Mesa. The Hiway Host Motel features a name that's somewhat commonly found as you travel the roadside. This sign will do the Hiway Host name proud with its colors and prominent starburst on the top of the sign. The palm trees on site also add to the look.









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