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Neon Eateries East


Boston, MA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Check out the familiar entrance to the place "where everybody knows your name." This Cheers in the Faneuil Hall Marketplace features an actual replica of the famous Cheers bar from the TV series of the same name. Photos of the famous Cheers location in Bunker Hill where exterior shots of Cheers were taken will be added soon. 02-08




Venetian Restaurant
Torrington, CT
Photo courtesy Rick Ibsen

The blade neon for the Venetian Restaurant in Torrington, CT bounces its reddish glow off the building and sidewalk as it nears dusk and dinner time. 05-08

(Far right) A close up look at the neon sign

(Near right) The Venetian Restaurant



Lombardo's Grill
Albany, NY
Photo courtesy Rick Ibsen

The rather prominent blade neon sign hangs off this restaurant in Albany. Lombardo's Grill has been in operation since 1919. When prohibition was repealed in 1934, an Italian consulate office and ice cream parlor was acquired and converted to the current barroom. Check out the Lombardo's website for more information. 10-09







I saw this Coney Island sign and figured when done photographing I would pop into this place. This sign for the Coney Island Hot Dogs is quite large, somewhere around two stories of neon bliss making it one of the most fantastic vintage signs I ever saw. The drips of mustard are animated. 01-13 ~ Richard Weiss

Coney Island Hot Dogs
Worcester, MA
Photos courtesy Richard Weiss












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