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Sit Down Restaurants East


Anna Maria Italian Restaurant
Washington, DC
Photo courtesy Chris Richey

This sign for the Anna Maria Italian Restaurant features prominently the image of ... yes... Anna Maria.



Clam Broth House
Hoboken, NJ
Photo courtesy Bob Jagendorf Photo courtesy Bob Jagendorf

Looking for some hot food on a cold winter day? This large finger points the way into the Clam Broth House, a restaurant located in Hoboken, NJ.




Good Steer Marquee
Lake Grove, NY
Photo courtesy Louis Di Fazio

Welcome to the memorable Good Steer Restaurant in Lake Grove, New York. The marquee has remained the same for years and the food here is worth a stop if you're in the area. Check out the large steer image on the sign in the parking lot of this restaurant.



UPDATE 03/07 : Here's an old photo of the Good Steer restaurant at dusk. Many thanks to Phil Milton for update. 03-07

Good Steer Restaurant
Lake Grove, NY
Photo courtesy Phil Milton



Castle Green
Greencastle, PA
Photo courtesy Moon Mullins OX-76

Looking for a place to spend the night and good eats while in Pennsylvania? Well, give Castle Green a try. Located off Route 16 and Interstate 81 in Greencastle, PA, Castle Green features the town famous Woodys Lounge. Before you hit the bar, take a look at the cross arrowed marquee in front. You won't be disappointed.



Bandana's Mexican Grille
Wildwood Crest, NJ
Photo courtesy Paul Bauke

Here's a shot of the siesta signage at the Bandana's Mexicana Grille in Wildwood Crest. A sleeping sombrero is always a welcome neon sight.













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