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Sit Down Restaurants East


Hilltop Steak House
Saugus, MA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

This huge marquee will direct the tired and hungry traveler over to the Hilltop Steak House in Saugus. First opening for business in 1961, the Hilltop has some great food and features its side orders family style. The question remains though, who is Frank Giuffrida? 02-08


UPDATE 10/13 : As of today Sunday October 20, 2013, Frank Giuffrida's Hilltop Steak House will open and close its doors one last time. Yes, this Saugus, MA landmark is shutting down after 52 years.

For more information, see Roadside Peek's Spotlight on the Hilltop Steak House. 10-13



Venetian Restaurant
Torrington, CT
Photo courtesy Rick Ibsen

The blade neon for the Venetian Restaurant in Torrington, CT bounces its reddish glow off the building and sidewalk as it nears dusk and dinner time. 05-08

(Far right) A close up look at the neon sign

(Near right) The Venetian Restaurant



Snappy Lunch
Mt Airy, NY
Photo and info courtesy Richard Weiss

Here is the marquee for the Snappy Lunch, located in Mt Airy, NY. Mt Airy is the home of Andy Griffith. 10-08



Park Squeeze Restaurant
Vergennes, VT
Photo courtesy Rick Ibsen

Check out this old roadside sign at the Park Squeeze Restaurant. Located in the Vermont town of Vergennes, the Park Squeeze serves up Chinese type of food. 04-09



Canary Restaurant
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Photo courtesy Rod Holcomb

This faded out sign for the Canary Restaurant is found in Toronto, Canada. Looks like the sign itself may once have had neon tubing around the letters. 10-10



Jakey's Amish Barbeque
West Chester, PA
Photos and info courtesy Richard Weiss

West Chester, PA is home to this union of Amish and BBQ. The place was Spartan like a Southern BBQ joint. It is certainly not upscale like Northern BBQ places. I guess this means it is the real deal. Maybe next time I am in the area, I will eat at Jakey's. 06-11



Turillo's Steakhouse
Jennerstown, PA
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Turillo's Steakhouse features a eyeball popping roadside sign at it's business in Jennerstown, PA. 06-11












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