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Sit Down Restaurants East


Hickman's Seafood
Ocean City, NJ
Photo courtesy Paul Bauke

This sign sits on the rooftop of the Hickman's Seafood restaurant in Ocean City, NJ. What better way of advertising your seafood than with a big fish.



A&LP Foods
North Wildwood, NJ
Photo courtesy Paul Bauke

Here's the eye-catching sign for the A&LP Foods, located in North Wildwood, NJ. Looks like there's quite a variety of foods in store for the hungry traveler here.




Lucille's Sea Food
Lake George, NY
Photo courtesy Steve Felder

Seafood is no stranger in Lake George, New York. Neither is Lucille's seafood restaurant. This is a good example of the types of signs found in the Lake George area.



Ranch House Restaurant
Wilmington, DE
Photo courtesy Kevin Powers

Check out the sign for the Ranch House Restaurant, Concord Pike, Wilmington Delaware.



Dutch Haven Restaurant
Lancaster, PA
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

Check out this shot of the Dutch Haven Restaurant located in Lancaster, PA. Not sure if the windmill itself still works, but the restaurant building itself looks to be in a good shape. 01-01



Howard Johnson's
Asbury Park, NJ
Photo courtesy Bob Jagendorf

Check out t his old Howard Johnson's Restaurant in Asbury Park, NJ. This place has now turned into a bar.



Conty's Restaurant
Photo courtesy Bob Jagendorf

Check out the interesting on this building. Conty's Restaurant in Connecticut serves up its food in a 60's/70's looking establishment . Notice the big C on the top of the front pillar.



Yenching Palace
Washington D.C.
Photo courtesy Jay Lin

Hungry for lunch and looking for something that won't make you sleepy? Stop by the Yenching Palace in Washington D.C. (No election jokes here) This place looks like a good place to stop for some good healthy food












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