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Roadside Diners East


Melrose Diner
Philadelphia, PA
Photo courtesy Jim Zahniser

The Melrose Diner and this bright eye-catching sign is still open in Philadelphia, PA. 01-08



McConnellsburg, PA
Photo courtesy Jim Zahniser

This marquee points the way to the diner found in McConnellsburg, PA. 01-08



Trainer's Midway Diner
Midway, PA
Photo courtesy Jim Zahniser

Midway, PA is home to the Trainer's Midway Diner. Check out the gem of a sign at this place. 01-08



Santaro's Diner
Malden, MA
Photo and info courtesy DJ Panda

Here is Santaro's Diner that serves pizza, subs, etc. It is located on the outskirts of Malden Square, right near a Walgreens that was built on the land of the former home of a branch of the local phone company. 05-08



Henry's Diner
Burlington, VT
Photo courtesy Rick Ibsen

Henry's Diner has been serving up hungry customers with hearty portions since 1925. The diner is located in downtown Burlington, and still features is bright neon letters to drive customers in off the roadside.

The diner has been under new ownership for the past two years and still serves up diner type of fare. 04-09



Parkway Diner
Burlington, VT
Photo and info courtesy Rick Ibsen

The Parkway Diner in Burlington, VT is located along a main highway in the outskirts of town, like the early diners. 04-09






Forum Diner
Environmental style exterior
Paramus, NJ
Photo courtesy Michael Perlman

Paramus, NJ is home to the historic Forum Diner. In late 2009, word was the diner was threatened by a Jeep dealership which has since fallen through.

For information on preserving the diner for future generations to enjoy, contact the Committee to Save The Forum Diner. Many thanks to Michael Perlman, Chair & Preservationist for information and photos. 02-10

Colonial interior
Photo courtesy Michael Perlman

Forum Diner
Photo courtesy MIchael Perlman









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