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Roadside Diners East


State Diner
Ithaca, NY
Photo courtesy Dirk Burhans

Enjoy a visit to a diner located in Ithaca, NY. The State Diner features vintage signage, and presumably vintage food too.



Jennies Diner
Ronks, PA
Photo courtesy Michael Sekeres

Jennie's Diner off of Route 30 in Ronks is still in business. The rather large diner sign is a real eye-catcher off the roadside.






Lee's Diner
W York PA
Photo courtesy Steve Felder

Lee's Diner in West York is no exception to the fine roadside diners that dot the East. From its austere yet dynamic marquee to the classic diner stainless steel exterior, Lee's Diner is a must see stop if you are in the area.

For more information and photos about this classic diner, see Roadside Peek's Spotlight on Lee's Diner.



Penn Queen Diner
Trenton, NJ
Photo courtesy Bob Jagendorf

Check out this large sign just outside of the Penn Queen Diner in Trenton, NJ.



Club Diner
Bellmawr, NJ
Photo courtesy Bob Jagendorf

Here's the Club Diner of Bellmawr, NJ with it neon lettering all lit up. This diner was rolled into place and has been serving food since the early 1970's.




Mom's Diner
Photo courtesy Bob Jagendorf

Found just off the New Jersey Turnpike, the Mom's Diner is open for business serving hungry travelers and locals alike.



Roadside Diner
Collingwood, NJ
Photo and info courtesy Bob Jagendorf

Here's an old diner on Route 34 in Collingwood, NJ. This diner was built in 1950 and is still in operation as the Roadside Diner.





White Mana Diner
Jersey City, NJ
Photo courtesy Bob Jagendorf

Located in the Jersey City area is this famous old diner. The White Mana Diner still has signs from the 1939 World’s Fair and great burgers.










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