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Roadside Diners East


Little Falls Diner
Little Falls, NJ
Photo courtesy Paul Bauke

The Little Falls Diner in Little Falls, NJ appears to be closed these days. 10-05






Cookstown Diner
Cookstown, NJ
Photos and info courtesy Paul Bauke

The Cookstown Diner in Cookstown, NJ has been serving pork roll, egg and cheese sandwiches to the locals around Cookstown and McGuire Air Force Base since 1956. 10-05



Charles Diner
West Springfield, MA
Photo courtesy Steve Felder

Here's the Charles Diner in West Springfield, Massachusetts. It's a Fodero. Sadly, it looks like the owners painted the original blue porcelain flutes pink. Many thanks to Randy Garbin for info. 03-06



Hackettstown Diner (Demolished)
Hackettstown, NJ
Postcard and info courtesy Henry Jewell

The Hackettstown Diner in Hackettstown, NJ burned down several years back. It is missed as they had great food and were open 24 hours a day. 07-06





Prospect Mountain Diner (Replaced)
Lake George, NY
Photo and info courtesy Matthias Tippner

This Silk City type of diner was built in 1950. Check out the neon lettering and siding at the Prospect Mountain Diner. 01-07


UPDATE 01/07 : Earlier status that the diner was demolished was verified to be incorrect. Many thanks to Mike Engle. 01-07

UPDATE 04/08 : The Prospect Mountain Diner was destroyed by fire in May of 2007 and has indeed been demolished.  A replacement diner has been delivered to the site in December 2007. More information can also be found at Poststar.com. Many thanks to Nancy Warner for update. 04-08

UPDATE 01/13 : The Prospect Mountain Diner was replaced and is still serving hot food to hungry patrons today. 01-13



Mario's Little Gem Diner (Now called Doc's Little Gem)
Syracuse, NY
Photo courtesy Matthias Tippner

Check out the sign out front of Mario's Little Gem Diner, located in Syracuse, NY. 01-07













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