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Roadside Diners East


Russ Dinor Erie PARuss' Dinor
Wesleyville, PA
Photo courtesy Jim Zahniser

Check out this shot of the sign at Russ' Dinor in the town of Wesleyville near Erie, PA. Russ' stands out with the spelling of "dinor" vs. "diner", which is more common is this region. 09-10





Russ Dinor Erie PAMoody's Diner
Waldoboro, ME
Photo courtesy Paul Bauke

Moody's Diner has been a Waldoboro, Maine institution since 1927. Moody's also features a motel for travelers looking for both a hot meal to eat and a place to spend the night as they travel along US Route 1. For more information on this diner, check out the Moody's Diner website. 09-10




Seaplane Diner
Providence, RI
Photos Tony Makalinaw

Here' an interesting sign and diner located in Providence, Rhode Island.

It's difficult for hungry eaters to miss the "seaplane" hanging off the top of the roof of the appropriately named Seaplane Diner. 07-11




O'Rourke's Diner
Middletown, CT
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss


I came across this diner called O'Rourke's in the town of Middletown, Connecticut. It probably looks the same as it did in the late 1940s. I can not comment any further as it was closed when I was there. I could not even look inside but what is known is that on the outside it is every inch a classic diner although the glass block wall is probably not an as-built feature.

Many thanks to Richard Weiss for photo and info. 08-13

More information about the O'Rourke's Diner including menu can be found at the O'Rourke's Diner's website


The O'Rourke's was also featured on the Food Network's Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.









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